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ConciergeNP Academy

IV Nutritional Therapy Course

 This course will give you the basic but essentials to start your own IV nutrition company. It outlines the different types of therapies, gives a detail description of all additives and their effectiveness, Vendor list, consents and so much more!

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PRP & Microneedling Course

This course will give you all the essentials to learning about PRP and its natural benefits to the body. This course will also give you tools and techniques to microneedling, vendor list, consents and more!

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About ConceiergeNP Academy

                  Training Covers

  • Hands on training

  • Live Model Demonstration

  • Mentorship

  • IV insertion techniques, IV Nutrition Cocktails,  PRP preparation, and microneedling techniques 

What You Will Learn

  • Fundamentals of IV nutrition therapy and PRP & Microneedling

  • How to run a successful Clinic

  • Consent Forms

  • Supplies and vendors

  • Compounding pharmacies

All courses are in-person. Virtual classes coming soon!

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