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Telehealth visits for minor illnesses

Meet with a healthcare provider via a secure server to assess and treat minor, non-emergent illnesses.

Please Book One Appointment per Healthcare Concern!


DOT (Department of Transportation) Physicals

DOT physicals are provided by a licensed  medical examiner to keep you medically cleared to drive.


Annual physicals with wellness lab monitoring

Have a healthcare provider come to your home and have an annual exam with wellness labs ordered.  

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IV Drip Therapies

Choose the Vitamin IV Infusion Therapy of your choice to be provided in the comfort of your home, hotel, or workplace


Rapid COVID-19 Testing

Are you traveling or just not feeling well and need to have a Covid test, Click the link to book your appointment today!

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Pre-Surgical Clearance

If you are local or from out of town and don't have a primary care provider for for a pre-op clearance. Your labs and EKG can be done right in the office. Click the link to book your appointment!

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Mobile Primary Care Provider 

For Medicare patients mobile primary care provider services brings the medical care you need to you which includes physical exams, labs, medication reconciliation, and much more. You can have an office visit in your home! Call to book your appointment today! 754-444-9173.


Weight Management

For more information about our weight management options click the link to book your appointment!