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PRP for Sexual Dysfunction
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been helping men and women regain confidence in the
bedroom and a once again sexual experience that is rewarding. This simple non-surgical
and groundbreaking therapy can completely change your sex life for the better.

What is low Libido?
Low libido is the hypoactive sexual desire, and is a common problem in men and
women, for many people sex is no longer enjoyable as it once was and PRP therapy can
assist those who suffer for low libido and looking forward to an increased sexual desire
on a more consistent basis.

Sexual Dysfunction in Men
Erectile dysfunction can be devastating to men who have once enjoyed a healthy sex life
in their prime years, but no longer have the ability to achieve or maintain an erection
during sex. Men with prostate issues, diabetes, and hypertension can also suffer from
erectile dysfunction. Of course, there are prescription medications that can help, but who
wants to walk around with Viagra or Sildenafil in their pocket? Also, having to take a pill
prior to intimacy takes away from the spontaneity, and the desire of wanting a healthy sex
PRP therapy can naturally improve blood flow and increase circulation in the penis, while
helping men maintain a firmer and stronger erection for a long period of time. Many have
noticed that they experience enhanced sensitivity and longer stamina soon after PRP

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