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PRP for Sexual Dysfunction
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been helping men and women regain confidence in the
bedroom and a once again sexual experience that is rewarding. This simple non-surgical
and groundbreaking therapy can completely change your sex life for the better.

What is low Libido?
Low libido is the hypoactive sexual desire, and is a common problem in men and
women, for many people sex is no longer enjoyable as it once was and PRP therapy can
assist those who suffer for low libido and looking forward to an increased sexual desire
on a more consistent basis.

Sexual Dysfunction in Women
There are many women who want to have sex with their partners, and desire an active
and stimulating sex life, but feel like something is hindering them from doing so. These
women may even think something is wrong with them because sex doesn’t feel as good
as they once knew it to be. So, women who seek PRP treatments for sexual dysfunction
can experience more sexual arousal, better orgasms, and for some an orgasm for the first
time.Female orgasmic disorder is the inability to climax during sex, as it isn’t an uncommon
issue for many women, and many women have given up on trying to have an orgasm
during sex because of it. PRP can assist with improving sensitivity so much that many
women report their first orgasm following therapy.

Painful intercourse is a serious problem for some women and it can be so problematic
that they may avoid sex all together. PRP can help treat pain during intercourse, enhance
arousal, and improve vaginal dryness issues. With decreased or eliminated pain,
increased sexual confidence, and a new outlook on sex can play a positive role in you and
your partners life.


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