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Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift

Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable that helps gradually replace lost collagen—the most common protein in the body that is used to form a framework to support cells and tissue—for results that can last up to two years.

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What is Sculptra?

  • Sculptra is a biocompatible, biodegradable, synthetic material called poly-L-lactic acid that is reconstituted (mixed) with water before it is injected into the skin. Once it has been placed in the deep dermis, it is gradually and naturally absorbed by the body and promotes collagen production as the PLLA microparticles are absorbed.

Who is a candidate?

  • This is an alternative to a traditional Brazilian butt-lift for patients who are poor candidates for liposuction, searching for a natural enhancement, or want to avoid a surgical procedure.

  • Sculptra® (injectable poly-L-lactic acid) is indicated for use in people with healthy immune systems for the correction of shallow to deep hip dips or loss volume in the buttocks.

  • Sculptra should not be used by people that are allergic to any ingredient of the product or have a history of keloid formation or hypertrophic scarring.

  • Should not be used in patients who are pregnant, lactating, breastfeeding, or under 18 years of age.

  • Sculptra should not be injected at the site of skin sores, cysts, pimples, rashes, hives or infection should be postponed until healing is complete. 

What are the side effects?

  • The most common side effects after initial treatment include injection site swelling, tenderness, redness, pain, bruising, bleeding, itching and lumps. Other side effects may include small lumps under the skin that are sometimes noticeable when pressing on the treated area. Larger lumps, some with delayed onset with or without inflammation or skin discoloration, have also been reported.

What you shouldn't do before Sculptra?

  • Avoid the use of Aspirin, NSAIDS, Ginko Biloba, Garlic Supplements, Green Tea, Flax Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamins A and E, and essential fatty acids for up to 1 week pre and post injection as they will increase your risk of bruising. Please notify your provider if you are on a blood thinning medication.

  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages 24 hours before (or after) your treatment to avoid extra bruising – You may take Arnica tablets 2-3 days prior to your injection to reduce the risk of bruising.

  • Do not apply products that are potentially irritating for 2 -3 days before and after treatment.

How many treatments are needed?

  • The number of sessions and the number of vials of product needed vary from person to person, depending on how much collagen has been lost. On average, three to four injection appointments are needed with 6 to 8 vials per treatment over a period of a few months.

  • Results should begin to be noticeable 4 to 8 weeks after treatment, and can continue to improve over the following 6 months from the last session. Results should last at least 2 years or longer, though touch-up treatments are recommended once a year.

  • ​ Contour deficiencies should not be overcorrected because they are expected to gradually improve after treatment.

Is Sculptra painful?

  • Most patients don't need local anesthesia or numbing creams before Sculptra treatments. We also use very thin needles or cannula to minimize discomfort. 

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